About the Author


My family has had a home on DeCourcy Island for almost 10 years, and we continue to enjoy the island as our children grow.  There is never a lack of interesting things to do, fix, or see!  Summer is beautiful, but my favourite season is always the fall.  My wife, Patty Ampleford, finds a lot of inspiration from DeCourcy Island, which has been a subject of many of her paintings.

DeCourcy has a great community, is easy to get to from Vancouver and Vancouver Island, and provides a number of amenities not found on other boat access islands.  We have our own fire department, private marina, marine park, and a large, sandy swimming beach.

Of course, the entire Island is off the grid.  But…living off the grid is not difficult at all and does not mean you have to sacrifice any amenities. In fact, with recent advances in solar panels, modern inverters and good quality batteries, an off grid home can be managed quite easily.  Chopping wood and ongoing maintenance of systems will likely be the biggest difference to life elsewhere.  Cell service is available almost everywhere on the island – the east side does have a few dead spots.  We use a booster and an antenna to get a signal.