History of DeCourcy Island

If you know a little of the history of DeCourcy Island, it is likely that you also know the story of Brother XII.  Born as Edward Arthur Wilson, Brother XII created the Aquarian Foundation, a spiritual group (or cult) that was led by him, the reincarnated god of Osiris.


Originally choosing Cedar as their base, the Foundation eventually settled on nearby Valdes and DeCourcy Islands, where they believed they would survive the coming Armageddon. DeCourcy Island was purchased using money donated to the Foundation by its members (many of them wealthy women from US), and a small colony was built complete with fortifications.  The promised Utopian lifestyle did not last however, as Brother XII and his sadistic mistress Madame Z were  abusive and harsh to the other members of the  colony.  Conditions deteriorated until the settlement and the organization failed.

Following a series of sensational court cases, the disciples eventually revolted, and attempted to recover their money. Although the court case was won by those brave enough to see it through, Brother XII reportedly wrecked the colony and fled with the Foundations gold to Switzerland.

There are those of course,  that believe the gold is buried somewhere on DeCourcy Island…waiting for a lucky person to find it.

Following Brother XII’s ownership, DeCourcy Island was owned by a Swiss family that farmed the property between the mid 1940’s to the late 1950’s.   In the early 1960’s the Island was purchased by DeCourcy Island Estates which developed the island into its current configuration.